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Mobile Monday Boston, holidays meeting

Mobile Monday Boston is having a holidays meeting on Monday December 10th. It will be an informal meeting at a bar in Cambridge.

Everyone is welcome to attend and bring their holiday spirit and have a drink with Mobile Monday friends. No presentations or speakers are scheduled but a good networking spirit is welcome!

  • Where: Asgard Pub in Cambridge, between MIT and Central Square.
  • When: December 10th at 7PM

Mobile Monday Boston at Mobile Internet World 2007, great event!!

We wanted to thank all the attendees of Mobile Monday Boston event at Mobile Internet World 2007. It was a great event with more then 200 people attending the event.

Also we wanted to thank David Carson and Alan Blount of Google for their great presentation of Android and all the companies that showcased their mobile products and technologies.

We are planning an informal meeting for December 10th before the holidays, so stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks. In the mean time you can join our mailing list, LinkedIn and Facebook group to stay connected.Here some interviews from attendees of the event.