Mobile Monday Boston

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Mobile Monday and MassMobile: Developer’s Meetup 6/15

Mobile Monday Boston and MassMobile invite mobile application developers to a meetup over beers and apps. All mobile developers are welcome: iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, etc. This event is generously sponsored by Apperian and the Cambridge Innovation Center


6:30pm – 8:00pm
Impact and implications of OS updates (iPhone 3.0, Android 1.5)
Expanding to new platforms (BlackBerry, Palm, Flash, etc.)
Pushing functionality to the cloud (e.g. Google App Engine)
iPhone core graphics demo

8:00pm – 9:30pm
Networking hangout time


Cost: Free, but registration is required to attend. 

Location: Cambridge Innovation Center

Transport: MBTA to Kendall, for parking, take a right onto Third St. off Broadway and you’ll see the underground garage on the right.

Mobile: What’s Next in Tech

What’s next in tech? Discuss, asks Scott Kirsner at InnoEcco. Here are four hot areas within the mobile and wireless tech cluster in Massachusetts. 

Mobile Apps & Creative SMS
Boston developers are creating leading iPhone and Android apps. We also have a number of companies taking advantage of SMS engagement in creative ways. Like Geocade, Pongr, SCVNGR, Brring, Drync, Dinube, RunKeeper, FlightView, JitterGram, Kitty Canon, Locale, LocaModa, SnapMyLife, MocoSpace, Poll Everywhere, and TripChill. 

Professional App Development
The Boston area is home to a growing segment of professional developers that work directly with brands to create mobile apps. Like 211me, Apperian, Bit Group, Raizlabs, and Silverware Software.

Mobile Advertising & Marketing
We have the legacy of Enpocket (now Nokia Ads), Third Screen Media (now AOL), m-Qube (now VeriSign). And now Quattro Wireless, JumpTap, LocaModa, AirWide, Velti, and more.

Mobile Infrastructure 
The Boston area is home a growing segment of mobile infrastructure Skyhook Wireless (location), Nuance, Vlingo (voice), Lilliputian Systems, A123Systems (battery).

$74 Million in Mass. Mobile Investment in 6 Weeks

The last six weeks have been super active for investments in mobile and wireless companies in Massachusetts. Check out our roundup of the last 6 weeks below. There are two large deals here with $28 million raised by Lilliputian Systems and a $22 million acquisition.  But, there’s also an interesting segment (trend, perhaps?) of 4 smaller VC investments between $5 and $8 million. 

Investment / Acquisition Roundup: 

Ember, based in Boston, raised $8 million for Zigbee, their wireless mesh-networking chipsets. 

Chelmsford-based Reva Systems raised $5 million for RFID infrastructure development. 

Azuki Systems received $6 million to power rich media content on mobile devices. 

Cambridge-based Virtual goods provider Viximo raised $5 million. 

Acme Packet (from Burlington) has acquired Convergence (from Maynard) for $22.8 million.

Lilliputian Systems raised $28 million.

Azuki Systems receives funding

Despite the nationwide slowdown, venture funding in the Boston mobile industry continues to flow. This week, Azuki Systems announced $6 million in funding:

Azuki Systems, Inc., an innovator powering a new generation of mobile media, today announced that it has secured $6 million in additional equity financing. Original investors Sigma Partners and Kepha Partners, along with company executives, are participating in this round of funding.