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$74 Million in Mass. Mobile Investment in 6 Weeks

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The last six weeks have been super active for investments in mobile and wireless companies in Massachusetts. Check out our roundup of the last 6 weeks below. There are two large deals here with $28 million raised by Lilliputian Systems and a $22 million acquisition.  But, there’s also an interesting segment (trend, perhaps?) of 4 smaller VC investments between $5 and $8 million. 

Investment / Acquisition Roundup: 

Ember, based in Boston, raised $8 million for Zigbee, their wireless mesh-networking chipsets. 

Chelmsford-based Reva Systems raised $5 million for RFID infrastructure development. 

Azuki Systems received $6 million to power rich media content on mobile devices. 

Cambridge-based Virtual goods provider Viximo raised $5 million. 

Acme Packet (from Burlington) has acquired Convergence (from Maynard) for $22.8 million.

Lilliputian Systems raised $28 million.


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