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Mobile: What’s Next in Tech

What’s next in tech? Discuss, asks Scott Kirsner at InnoEcco. Here are four hot areas within the mobile and wireless tech cluster in Massachusetts. 

Mobile Apps & Creative SMS
Boston developers are creating leading iPhone and Android apps. We also have a number of companies taking advantage of SMS engagement in creative ways. Like Geocade, Pongr, SCVNGR, Brring, Drync, Dinube, RunKeeper, FlightView, JitterGram, Kitty Canon, Locale, LocaModa, SnapMyLife, MocoSpace, Poll Everywhere, and TripChill. 

Professional App Development
The Boston area is home to a growing segment of professional developers that work directly with brands to create mobile apps. Like 211me, Apperian, Bit Group, Raizlabs, and Silverware Software.

Mobile Advertising & Marketing
We have the legacy of Enpocket (now Nokia Ads), Third Screen Media (now AOL), m-Qube (now VeriSign). And now Quattro Wireless, JumpTap, LocaModa, AirWide, Velti, and more.

Mobile Infrastructure 
The Boston area is home a growing segment of mobile infrastructure Skyhook Wireless (location), Nuance, Vlingo (voice), Lilliputian Systems, A123Systems (battery).


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