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UK vs. US Mobile Demos

On Monday, March 8, Mobile Monday Boston and our generous sponsor UK Trade and Investment are hosting a demo night for the hottest mobile companies from the UK and Boston. It will be a fun event where you’ll get to interact with some cool companies in mobile you might not otherwise get to meet.

Think of how much fun we’ll have coming up with amusing cultural differences! Will I embarrassingly imitate an English accent on stage? You’ll just have to come to find out.

Registration is required.

Monday, March 8
Doors at 6:30, event starts at 7:00pm
Intercontinental Hotel Boston, 510 Atlantic Ave.

UK Companies

Apollo Mobile
Apollo has developed a cutting-edge mobile content management platform RE4CTOR which uniquely enables real-time user interaction with most types of content (audio, video text and image).

Tattu Mobile
Tattu creates, develops, manufactures, and supplies niche consumer electronic products.

Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled phone with SyncML, i-migo is a portable device which backs up all data on the phone, and notifies the user if their phone goes out of a 10m range of the i-migo. This prevents the phone being left unattended and at risk of being lost or stolen.

Rummble makes it easy to find people and places nearby you’ll love. Rummbles enables users to find personalized recommendations for a location very quickly. Instead of a traditional search, Rummble uses an algorithm that creates a personal ‘trust network’ for each user by calculating who they trust for different types of content.

ustwo is a creative design studio based in London and Malmo specialising in pioneering graphical user interfaces that drive the services and products of some of the world’s leading brands.

Boston Companies

Textaurant aims to create a dialogue between restaurants and patrons through the use of technology. Beginning with text messages that update patrons waiting for a table, and extending both before and after the meal, Textaurant connects restaurants with their customers for a more satisfying experience.

Fluent Mobile
Fluent Mobile, a pioneer in mobile content organization and delivery, develops applications that bring the speed, reliability and convenience of desktop Web browsing to handheld devices. The creators of Fluent News.

Celtra’s “software-as-a-service” provides a web-based, easy-to-use, on-demand platform for integrated mobile marketing. Celtra gives clients a wide range of creative flexibility, improved mobile distribution, and world-class optimization and analytics tools. Celtra offers managed services in addition to their SaaS platform for agencies and brands that need a deeper contribution for their mobile marketing campaigns.

A start-up company bringing bar exam prep to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Creators of the famous $1k iPhone app.

Hello Vino
Available on any mobile device, Hello Vino is a free wine pairing and recommendation guide that assists the beginner wine consumer with advice in the store or restaurant. Using a simple, step-by-step question and answer process, Hello Vino delivers wine recommendations based on your meal, an occasion, favorite tastes and flavors, or a country and region. Hello Vino will provide a specific brand recommendation for the perfect bottle of wine – anywhere, anytime.


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