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UK and Boston Startups Present at March’s Mobile Monday Boston

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March’s Mobile Monday Boston (#momobo) featured nine startups from both the Boston area and the UK, as UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) promoted its Mobile Technologies Mission to Boston campaign. The firms that presented included:

Fluent Mobile

Micah Adler, CEO led off by positioning UK-based Fluent Mobile as a firm focusing on app store optimization (ASO), marketing mobile apps to ensure they’re discovered within the app store, with interaction between the app store, search and discovery, and mobile advertising.  The company’s also developed its own app, Fluent News, to aggregate your news feeds.


Joshua Bob, founder and President of Boston-based Textaurant described the startup as an application provider focused on reducing your wait time at upscale casual restaurants, and eliminating the need for restaurants to use expensive pager-based systems. Their waiting list management solution extends table occupancy rates, and the firm hopes to tap into the more than 140,000 upscale casual restaurants in the US such as Chili’s and Olive Garden.


UK-based i-Migo, led by Saban Demirbasa, is a mobile security solution for mobile devices. Utilizing the Bluetooth 2.0 stack with EDR, i-Migo creates an audible alarm if you become separated from your mobile device within a certain range. The monitoring device is located on the person, can back up personal information on your mobile device, and monitors the location it over the air (OTA). If you mobile phone or laptop is out of range, it creates an audible alarm on the device, can put the device into lock down mode, and can send an OTA signal to the service provider as well to identify the theft.

Apollo Mobile

Rolfe Swinton, co-founder of UK-based Apollo Mobile presenting the firm’s Re4ctor mobile application platform that focuses on unlocking the potential of the 4.5 billion mobile phones around the world, 65% of which are not smartphones, but basic feature phones with web browsers. Apollo Mobile offers services such as data analytics, mobile commerce and payments, social media, video and audio synchronization, and targeted advertising to a full range of feature and basic mobile phones.

hello vino

Rick Breslin, CEO of Boston-based hello vino presented his Boston-area firm as a mobile wine recommendation engine for both consumers and wine industry establishments. The application’s  available on iPhone, other smartphones, and as a text-based app for feature phones, and includes 4 million brand recommendations for wine and food pairings. It also works with wineries to get their varietals discovered by consumers.


According to Mihael Mikek, CEO, Celtra’s focus is on improving the mobile advertising experience going forward, to make it more immersive, interactive, and fun! It has developed a mobile marketing platform behind the ad itself, and standards-based, cross-play, media-rich, native-capable, preloaded, and easy to create and reliable cross-platform mobile advertising content. Celtra supports iPhone and Android, and soon BlackBerry smartphones.

Tattu Mobile

Andy Press, COO of UK-based Tattu positioned its mobile division as a provider of mobile hardware solutions, providing products for mobile operators and major brands for over five years. He specifically highlighted the firm’s line of mobile phones with solar charging capabilities for emerging markets in Africa and the Caribbean, its mobile health solutions, and Android-based tablets.

Fluid Pixel

Stuart Varrall, Director at Fluid Pixel described the UK startup is a company focusing on mobile games and application development, coming from a rich history of work on gaming consoles. The firm specializes in working with brands that don’t have an in-house iPhone development team. Fluid Pixel’s also done work with Adobe on its Flash-based Animentals viral pets game that is cross-platform (web, mobile, desktop), and with IGT to develop its Cleopatra Million 21 game.


Julian Ehrhardt, described London and Malmo, Sweden-based USTWO as a user interface design agency that can take the user experience from concept to design to implementation. The company works across a wide variety of mobile device platforms including mobile phones, digital cameras, sat nav, digital photo frames, in-car entertainment, laptops, mobile TV, and M-health applications.

Mobile Monday Boston had a very rich set of companies this month, to compare and contrast some of the development work being done on both sides of the Atlantic, and to highlight the work of UK Trade and Investment. Additional commentary on the evening’s presenters can be found at NewDigitalCafé.



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  • Thanks for the mention, Randy.

    A small correction on the Hello Vino summary – it was actually Principal & Co-Founder Jim McNamee who presented the app at the Mobile Monday Boston event.

    Thanks again,

    The Hello Vino Team

  • Nice to see Flash being represented at last week's Mobile Monday!

    For those interested in the Boston area, I'm an easy to access resource for this type of work (Flash Lite, Flash 10.1).


    My company is: