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Confirmed Speakers and Topics for MobileCamp Boston 2011

MobileCamp Boston 2011 is a joint program with:

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With 700 people registered for this year’s MobileCamp Boston, we are hard at work to make sure everyone there will be a diverse range of quality programming. This year attendees can choose from one of 14  scheduled sessions, or propose/lead/participate in one of 20 unscheduled sessions.

Here’s a preview of the confirmed sessions and presenters. Don’t forget to bring your ideas for the unscheduled sessions!

PROGRAMMING (Full descriptions below)

The Intersection of Sharing Code and Creating User Interfaces with Android – Mike Burns, Web Developer at ThoughtBot (10AM)

Introduction to Qt – Tej Shah and Thomas Dickes, Qt Software Engineer & Trainer at Integrated Computer Solutions (10AM)

Mobile App Frameworks – Samuel Chow, Co-Founder of MobyFab / Fred Spencer, Professional Services Manager at Appcelerator / Jesse Liberty, Senior Program Manager in Microsoft Developer Guidance / Ram Iyengar, Telecom Systems Management Program, College of Engineering, Northeastern University / Steven Kursh, Executive Professor of Finance and Insurance at Northeastern University (11AM)

Hybrid App Development for Mobile – Stephen Bourdeau, Tech Lead for Mobile Engineering at TripAdvisor (1PM)

HTML5 for Mobile – Matt Gross, Founder of MobileMondays Boston / Imram Malek, Games at Mocospace / Al MacDonald, Co-Founder of Bocoup /Pascal Rettig, Owner of Cykod (1PM)

Designing for Thumbs and Fingers – Greg Raiz, Founder of Raiz Labs (2PM)

MARKETING (Full descriptions below)

Sales Hacking: Innovation Offline – Jesse Waites, Founder and CEO of Beacon Hill Apps (10AM)

In-app Ad Monetization – Dave Yonamine, Director of Marketing at MobilityWare (11AM)

Leveraging Advertising Opportunities in Mobile – Adam Compain, Google-Boston’s Mobile Specialist (2PM)

Leveraging Existing Social Networks to make a Rich Network for your Mobile App – Saad Fazil, Senior Product Manager at Verizon Wireless (3PM)

Machine To Machine (M2M) Basics for remotely monitoring and controlling devices – Thomas Classen, North America Business Development Manager at Wyless (3PM)

BUSINESS (Full descriptions below)

Overview of App Space Using Real-time Mobile App Data – Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics (10AM)

Overview of the Current US Mobile Ecosystem: Tools and opportunities – Elio Maggini, Principal Software Engineer at Cengage Learning (11AM)

Student Mobile Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Opportunities – Matt Ricketson, Founder of Moglo / Neil Hannah, CEO of extraTKT / Kayvan Zainabadi, CEO & Co-founder of InstantNightlife / Jason Evanish, Founder of Greenhorn Connect (1PM)

The Impossible Apple App Store: Winning and Staying on Top – Jason Petralia, Product Manager at Raizlabs (1PM)


Hybrid App Development for MobileThe concept behind hybrid apps is to re-use mobile website based content with a WebView and extend the functionality to include native features and interactions.  This allows you to have shorter development time with rapid web development iterations outside of the normal submission and approval process you see on some native platforms while still leveraging native features such as GPS, camera, file upload, etc.  The presentation will also cover some technical details and approaches for communication between the WebView (which tends to be a little black box) and the native app.

Mobile App FrameworksThe purpose of the session is to explore useful technologies and software systems that developers should be looking at. The panelists have expertise in Three20, PhoneGap Titanium, and a number of other frameworks. Steve Kursh PhD, Professor at Northeastern, will moderate this content-rich session.

Introduction to QtQt is a cross-platform application  and UI framework used by hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide looking to create amazing user experiences  on Windows, Mac, Linux/X11, embedded Linux, Windows CE , Windows Mobile, Symbian  and Maemo devices. Qt is used by thousands of companies in a multitude of leading industries enabling them to develop software and devices used by hundreds of millions of people every day. Learn more with these Qt Software Engineers from Integrated Computer Solutions.

Designing for Thumbs and FingersThis talk will cover a number of topics around mobile user interface design and the challenges for designing for a small screen. The talk will cover techniques, design patterns, differences from traditional web or desktop design and the various challenges for different phone and tablet platforms. The talk will also cover specifics on iPhone and iPad techniques. Topics include Mobile yesterday vs. Today, Unique challenges of Mobile, Widgets and Techniques, Mobile Wireframing, Mobile Usability, Designing for the Mobile Web.

HTML5 for Mobile – Join some of Boston’s HTML5 experts for a discussion of current and future trends in HTML5 on mobile.  We’ll discuss which mobile browsers support HTML5, what graphic and native functionality is supported, and whether long-term trends indicate that it will become a universal platform for mobile development.

The Intersection of Sharing Code and Creating User Interfaces with AndroidThe Android user interface sees the most development, customization, and hatred. We are often left to create components ourselves, take guesses at consistent experiences, and debug XML. Mike Burns leads a discussion on sharing code, UI consistency vs branding, and debugging and extending the view infrastructure.

Sales Hacking: Innovation OfflineIn this session I will teach developers how to become better marketers using clever techniques I have developed in the years I have been selling apps on the App Store. Trust me: You won’t find these original tips anywhere else.

In-App Ad Monetization

Mobile Marketing Today: Search, Display and Apps – Adam Compain, Google-Boston’s Mobile Specialist, will talk about the explosive growth in mobile usage, consumer trends and share how marketers are leveraging the mobile industry’s leading advertising products to reach and engage their audience.

Leveraging Existing Social Networks to make a Rich Network for your Mobile App This is a very relevant topic for anyone writing a mobile app that involves network effect. There are many challenges involved, and this session could make an entrepreneur’s life easier. What possibilities are there? What kind of access/API’s do these networks (Facebook, Twitter for example) provide? What is and is not possible? We will discuss recommended strategies and optimizing performance.

Machine To Machine (M2M) Basics for remotely monitoring and controlling devices – Session will cover a basic overview of the various components and pieces needed to build a scalable M2M solution.  Topics include: hardware/modems, carriers/US & International data charges, service management  and a view of the business opportunities that exist.  Leader is a seasoned marketer that has been in the M2M market for the past 6 years. Currently North America Business Development manager for Wyless. Wyless is a Global Network Enabler ( GNE ). Our Managed Services enable companies to securely and reliably communicate with their remote and mobile devices in over 120 countries, in partnership with Tier 1, Mobile Operators. They include Open Connectivity, an Intelligent Network, our unique Open Platform and professional services. These Managed Services combine to provide real-time visibility, enhanced control and flexibility for wireless connections.

Student Mobile Entrepreneurs: Challenges and OpportunitiesHear from current students and recent graduates about their experiences building mobile apps and starting subsequent companies while in school in the Boston area. What did they learn during the process? Where are their apps and companies now? What advice can they share now that they’ve been through it? Panelists represent Boston College, Northeastern, and MIT. The panel will be moderated by Jason Evanish, Founder of Greenhorn Connect, Boston’s entrepreneur hub for resources, events and organizations.

Overview of the Current US Mobile Ecosystem: Tools and opportunitiesThis presentation will cover current carriers in the US, basic handset numbers, and raw dollar amounts – historical and projected for 3rd party mobile services. Based on this data, Elio will give an overview of the pro/cons of tools available for development and suggestions of rough areas for development exploration.

Overview of App Space Using Real-time Mobile App DataJoin Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics, for a discussion and presentation on the mobile app space using data that Localytics has gathered from the few thousand apps that they are integrated with. How can you use this data to improve the apps that you are building?

The Impossible Apple App Store: Winning and Staying on Top – This session will comprise mostly on realistic approaches to driving downloads to your application in an ever increasing competitive environment. Topics include: App Store (iOS) Recap and Current State, 3 Strategies that drive downloads and why they may or may not work for your application, The myth of the spike and the long tai,  Marketing your application – do’s and don’ts, The future of apps and the app store. The speaker, Jason Petralia, has been creating and shipping apps since the early days of the app store.

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