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Trends in Mobile Investment (Nov 5th)

Join David Beisel of Nextview, Carl Stjernfeldt of Castile Ventures, and other investors for a discussion about which mobile companies are receiving investments and why.
(free evening event)

This event follows an afternoon program by TCN called the Mobile Fast Track
A half-day program for mobile entrepreneurs who are starting companies and raising capital.  Speakers include the COO of, CEO of Localytics, General Counsel of Skyhook Wireless, Founder of Apperian, and many others.
($100 for TCN’s half-day program)

Mobile Wallets and NFC (Oct 29th)

A discussion on mobile wallets featuring the VP of Dunkin’ Brands, Head of Mobile for MasterCard, Director Strategic accounts for PayPal, CMO of CorFire, and the Director of Mobile at Staples.
(free for MoMo with code ‘MITMoMo’)

Webinno and Mobile Monday (Dec 3rd)

A collaboration between Mobile Monday and Webinno celebrating another great year for mobile.
(free evening event)

Mobile Marketing (Jan 14th)

We’ve got a huge mobile marketing event in the works!  Contact us if you have a mobile marketing story, an app or service to demo, or you’d like to get involved as a sponsor.
Registration opens soon…


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