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Slides, Notes, and Photos from the Mobile Marketing Event

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Audience PhotoWith over 500 people attending it was great gathering of the Boston mobile community.  We hope that you gained some insights from the panel discussion and made some new connections during the networking sessions.
Many of the panelists powerpoint presentations can been seen at the MIT Enterprise Forum slideshare site

A video of the panel presentations can is now posted at the MIT Enterprise Forum’s video portal

Thanks again to our event sponsors, Cogniance, Fiksu and Nanigans, as we need their support to make these large industry gatherings happen.  We also want to acknowledge our demo table sponsor – SessionM.
Thank also to Drync Direct and the Boston Wine Expo for showcasing wines from the upcoming Wine Expo on February 16-17th.  Drync enables wine lovers to rate and buy wines while at the Boston Wine Expo. Tickets are on sale now at and we have an exclusive discount code for event attendees –  $10 Promo Code: DRYNC.
See the Enterprise Forum’s website for more information on their programs and membership options.


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