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Recapping with Mobile Monday Boston – Mobile Healthcare (September 2015)

Back by popular demand, Mobile Healthcare was the latest event hosted by Mobile Monday Boston and co-hosted by Techstars held at Google Cambridge. With a vibrant audience snacking on mini-burgers and homemade flavored water, this healthcare event focused on everyday health and social apps.


Techstars – The standard for startup accelerators, with a massive interconnected network of over 3,000 successful entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and corporate partners, Techstars helps the most promising startups do more faster. With 18 programs worldwide, the mentorship-driven accelerator funds the best companies in the most entrepreneurial communities.


Ben Harvatine, CEO Jolt – Assists athletes to train smarter and safer through innovative technology solutions by provideing highly functional and intuitive products that provide athletes, parents, and coaches’ real-time feedback, and enable them to make smarter more timely decisions. Clip the Jolt Sensor to any type of headgear and when a significant impact is detected, capture the athlete’s sideline assessment directly in the app and nearby connected smartphones will see the frequency and severity of head impacts in real time.


Angelo Pitassi, CEO HealthID – Consumer focused health manager that gives you more control over your health, offering simple tools, from any smartphone or computer, to track what’s important to you. Whether it’s blood sugar levels, blood pressure, weight, multiple medical conditions, allergies, keeping track of your medications has never been easier with HealthID and we will send you reminders to take them as prescribed. HealthID provides you peace of mind by making it easy to communicate your updated medical information right from your HealthID Band or Card to anyone, at anytime.


Glenn Laffel, CEO Wellcoin – World’s First Health Currency to help people to live healthier lives. Members earn Wellcoins by claiming and verifying they did healthy activities, and then spend them for goods and services offered by merchants and brands. They have 5 fun, engaging ways to verify claims: ask a friend, upload a photo as proof, permit Wellcoin to import data from health sensors and apps they already use, sign up for a fitness class with a Wellcoin partner, or ask a trusted source (e.g. nutritionist).



As always, a big shout-out to our sponsors for making Mobile Monday Boston’s Mobile Healthcare event a huge success!
Mobiuso – We work with healthcare market leaders and innovators to create crisp mobile apps and outstanding enterprise scale web solutions. We bring 10+ years of experience through our pioneering work at Skyscape, an mHealth company that launched over 600 apps and acquired 2.2 million physicians and nurses (acquired by Merck GHIF in 2013).

CTIA -The Wireless Association® is an international nonprofit membership organization that has represented the wireless communications industry since 1984. Membership in the association includes wireless carriers and their suppliers, as well as providers and manufacturers of wireless data services and products.