Mobile Monday Boston

Mobile in Boston

Speakers and Sponsorships

The concept of Mobile Monday started in Helsinki 6 years ago. Early chapters appeared in Tokyo and Silicon Valley, and recently the idea has taken off. There are currently about 40 chapters with a new chapter starting nearly every week.

The Boston chapter began in the comments section of a blog post by Alessandro. After a couple of meetings over drinks, and a merger with another emerging group, Mobile Monday Boston was born. We held our first event in April 2006 and 60 people packed into a small MIT Sloan conference room.

Our format follows the trend of the ‘un-conference’. The organization is loosely structured and anyone can participate. The role of the organizers is to bring in interesting and topical speakers as well as provide a venue for networking. Attendees include everyone from programmers and systems engineers to venture capitalists and executives. Attendance has ranged from 60 to over a hundred and continues to grow, while our mailing list reaches hundreds of people in the Boston mobile community. There is no fee to attend with the exception of occasional special events.

We welcome anyone who wants to sponsor. Sponsorship typically covers the cost of refreshments and optionally includes the venue and alcoholic beverages.

We welcome anyone who wants to speak. We ask that speakers try to identify a primary theme so we can align other presenters that complement the event. We also periodically hold a ‘demo night’ in which anyone can present their product or service.

We welcome anyone who wants to organize a special event. In the model of Mobile 2.0, co-organized by the Silicon Valley and London chapters, we’re happy to discuss any idea that will help bring together and educate the mobile community.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Matt Gross by email (mgrosx at mac dot com) or skype (mgrosx) or approach any of the organizers at one of our events.