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Great meeting!

Yesterday we had a great meeting. We wanted to thank all the speakers for their great presentations and all the attendees. Here is the recording of the meeting. We setup a Mobile Monday Boston LinkedIn group, so feel free to join. Next meeting should be on June 11th, topic Location Based Services, so stay tuned… Read More

Mobile Mondays Boston 1st Anniversary Event – Monday April 9th 7pm

Free Registration (required): Hard to believe, but Mobile Mondays Boston is one year old this April! Come out and celebrate with us at Characters Bar & Grill at the Cambridge Marriott Hotel. Appetizers served. We will also have several demos, including: Project-A-Phone – Mobile Handset Imaging Technology – A big “Thank you” for enabling… Read More

Mobile VoIP a great meeting!

Yesterday we had our meeting at MIT on Mobile VoIP. It was a great meeting with a very interesting discussion. We had about 70 people and many questions for the panel. We wanted to thank the panelists and all the attendees. Recording of the event. Also we are planning a special event for April 9th… Read More

Mobile VoIP – March 5th at 7pm

Free Registration (required): Click Here Mobile VoIP will advance significantly in 2007, with the potential for disrupting the existing mobile voice business (ZDNet). Will operators move to block VoIP, fearing bit-pipe irrelevance, or will they leverage the technology to attract subscribers and open new revenue streams? What do hardware manufacturers like Nokia and ventures like… Read More

Mobile Monday Peer Award winners

The Mobile Monday Peer Award had the following winners: The Audience Favorite award: Plazes. The Jury Favorite award: RealEyes3D The Community Favorite award: Mobile Complete Boston based Skyhook Wireless, representing Mobile Monday Boston, was finalist in the Jury Favorite. Congratulation to the winners! Event pictures.

February 5th meeting a success!

We had a great meeting las Monday with more then 90 people attending. We wanted to thank the panelists and everyone who attended the meeting. Here is the recording of the meeting and if you have some pictures please send it to us or post them to Flickr. We are planning another meeting on March… Read More