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Mobile Marketing event in January

Mobile Monday and Women in Wireless are teaming up to provide an evening event about the expanding role of mobile advertising and marketing.

As mobile marketing continues to gain prominence in the marketing industry, there now are a broad range of options including banner ads, in application advertising, rich media and video ad units, rewards advertising, gaming strategies, loyalty programs, QR codes and more.

We’ll hear from brands that have been willing to experiment to see what approaches work best for their target markets.


Jonathan Stephen, Head of Mobile & Emerging Technologies, JetBlue

Nick Bogovich, Executive Director, Mobile, GSN Games

Gabriella Buerman, Mobile Product Marketing Manager, Rue La La

Jonathan Tatlow, SVP of Connections Planning, Digitas

Introduction by Kevin Wiant

Location:  District Hall, 75 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

Time/Date:  Monday, January 13, 2014.  Doors open at 6pm.  Main event begins at 7pm.

Register here.

Co-hosted with Women in Wireless.

Women in Wireless is a nonprofit organization that empowers and develops female leaders in mobile and digital media through inspirational panels and webinars, leadership development, mentoring and networking and supports charities aligned with that mission.

Thanks to our sponsors Winter Wyman and Mobiquity for supporting this event.













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Mobile Monday and Webinno on December 9th

We’re holding a special event on December 9th. This is the second year in a row that we’ve collaborated with the Web innovators Group to feature early stage companies focused on mobile.

Monday December 9th
Royal Sonesta Hotel Cambridge
6:30pm doors open

Register Now

If your early stage startup is interested in presenting a demo, contact us (or contact Webinno directly) with a brief overview and a link or Testflight to a live demo.

Recap of MIT Museum Startup Event

Thanks to all of the 600 attendees who came to the the MIT Museum Event.  Below is a summary of the startups who exhibited (Thanks Janelle! – the full write-up is on her blog).  Photos are on the Mobile Monday Boston Facebook Page.

Ask Beatrice – Ask Beatrice is a parking ‘widget’ located on a business’ website to help motorists find parking within walking distance to the particular business and help to avoid costly parking tickets.

Canary – Calendar app that lets you manage/edit/schedule all of your appointments and events from Google & Facebook calendars all in one convenient place.

CO Everywhere – Social Media App that lets you find out what’s happening in one particular area  via social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, conveniently organized on one app.

CoachUp – CoachUp is an app that lets you find personal coaches in your area to train and practice with on any particular sport.

Filosync  – Software product that allows you to turn your Amazon Web Service account into your personal file-sync system.

good2gether – Company that uses smartphones to connect businesses that ‘do good’ to consumers who care about the causes that they both support.

HeyWire  – App that provides free texting for businesses, combining SMS and Twitter, send and receive messages across smartphones, tablets and the web.

THE MEME  – A mobile phone app that creates ‘Organic Parking’; a transaction system of exchanging information for swapping car parking spots throughout the city of Boston and surrounding areas for a fraction of the cost.

Mobee – An app that allows users to be mystery shoppers at participating venues and are rewarded the more they shop/dine.

HubEngage – Created by the folks from Mobinett, HubEngage is a social app that allows users to ‘check in’ participating venues and use their app in the same way a loyalty card to redeem offers and earn points for every visit.

NeuroCrunch – Although still in development, Big Hippo is the first app created by NeruoCrunch that will allow you to instantly recall and remember personal information of people you interact with by way of voice recognition technology.

PitchPrep – Mobile app that allows you to record, share, critique and perfect your sales pitch or message.

Playrific – Mobile company that creates apps for a younger audience, as well as, work with other business partners an alternative way to using a mobile platform to create and develop apps for kids.

PreApps – Website dedicated to getting the word out on new apps to users and the marketplace prior to release.

QuadWrangle – App that allows you to connect with other alumni, which lead to better connections and organization of reunions & donations.

Quantra – A subsidiary of Taiwan-based Quantra Computer, INC, the world’s leader in the production of laptop computers, Quntra Research based in Cambridge has developed an app that allow an easier use of the creation and sharing of location based services.

Roomzilla – Creative software that allows a company to easily book, confirm and organize meeting space fast and efficiently.

Salespod – An efficient web app that allows small and medium sized businesses manage field activities, coach and provide their team with relevant information on the spot, all while tracking their team’s activities in real time.

SessionM – Developed an innovative mobile loyalty and advertising platform that connects consumers with mobile content and advertising in fun and rewarding new ways.

Skimbox – A wicked smart app that organizes email for busy people on the go by creating one box for important email you need to view and another for all other email that can wait.

Snaptiva – An interactive personal style app that allows consumers to snap a picture of anything with a specific color, search thought millions of products and find products that match their item’s color, such as finding shoes to match a bag.

Sold. – Service app that took over the burden of selling by adding a few photos and a description, the pricing calculator determines the perfect price for the item. From there the app handles the selling, the shipping, and the payment in one convenient place.

SoundFest – A revolutionary app dubbed “RealClarity”, this app helps people who have difficulty understanding speech in noisy situations, clarifies voices and other sounds people want to hear, while filtering out distracting noise.

Spogo – The ultimate mobile sports app that allows sports fans to win rewards for making real-time predictions while watching their favorite teams play.

Tap n’ Tap – Software solutions and leading Android expertise that enables manufacturers, operators, and retailers to launch profitable mobile devices.

The Tap Lab – Creator of Tiny Tycoon, the first location-based tycoon game on the App Store that turns real life into an interactive game board consisting of everyday people and places to compete with and take over your favorite real world places.

Thyme Labs – in production software company that is focused on time management tools and personal data analytics.

Timebre – A cool new app available for Apple & Android, Timbre is a free location-based service app that allows you to find concert venues in your area to discover live music and concerts.

Tocobox Inc. – Startup Company that is developing “Mailki”, an easy to use email system for children ages 6-12 that is also monitored by parental controls.

Unbound Commerce – Developing a new concept for large retailers and brands, Unbound Commerce created a new touch screen technology that bridges the gap between retailer and consumer online and offline.

vFrame – Creating a patent pending product, ‘virtual reality frames’ connect to your smartphone and from there you can play video games in a 360° view.

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MIT Museum Startup Showcase

Get ready for Tuesday, October 8th when Mobile Monday rents out the MIT Museum for an evening of startup demonstrations, drinks, and mingling.

Mixed among the regular technology museum exhibits you’ll be able to meet new and innovative companies in the mobile space, including:

Ask Beatrice, Canary, CO Everywhere, CoachUp, good2gether, HeyWire, Laveem, Main and Me, Mobee, Mobinett Interactive, momedx, NeuroCrunch LLC, PitchPrep, Playrific, Quanta Research Cambridge, Roomzilla, Salespod, Snaptiva, Sold, SoundFest, Inc, Spogo, TapToss, The Tap Lab, Thyme Labs, Timbre, tripchi, Unbound Commerce, vFrame Incorporated

Date: Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 — 6.00pm to 9:00pm

Location: MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA.
Transportation: Red Line Kendall Square.
Cost: Free due to support from our sponsors

Register here.

Please note that this event is on a Tuesday (that’s so we can align with the EmTech by MIT Technology Review Conference).

Questions about this event, contact Kevin Wiant at

Many thanks for our sponsors Embarcadero, Boston Human Capital, Hire Mobile and Mobiquity for making this event possible.







Questions about this event, contact Kevin Wiant at



Lean Back and Shop: How the iPad is Disrupting Retail

If you want to understand how the iPad is changing the ways people shop, take a look at fast-growing online retailer  Their CEO Jason Goldberg reported that they expect each new iPad user to bring in twice the revenue of non-iPad users. Moreover, Goldberg said that a sale results 6.5% of the time after a user opens the Fab iPad app, an impressive rate.

Fab is not an outlier, as many other retailers are seeing big growth in sales on the iPad.  Comcore just announced an ‘inflection point’ for mobile commerce with one third of visitors to the top 50 retailer websites coming exclusively from mobile, while tablets index 50% higher than smartphones for browsing apparel and home furnishings categories.  Last holiday season, IBM reported that the iPad made up nearly 10% of online purchases of retail products.  Meanwhile Adobe has reported that shoppers are three times more likely to make a purchase when shopping with a tablet.

After the iPad’s launch three years ago, some of the first retail companies to take advantage of this new shopping platform were flash sale sites like Rue La La and Haute Look.  These companies realized early on the importance of mobile devices, due to the nature of their business:  time-sensitive emailed deals that motivated shoppers to buy immediately using the device in hand.  These companies soon learned that Apple’s iOS made up to 90% of their mobile installed base, so as iPad ownership grew, these mobile-savvy companies quickly responded by building iPad-optimized websites and apps.

Why do Apple iOS owners buy more than Android and other phone owners?  First of all, there are demographic reasons.  Apple devices are more expensive and their owners generally have greater amounts of disposable income.  Another factor is that Apple owners are often interested in product design, which lends itself toward purchases of high-ticket items in apparel and home furnishings.  Furthermore, the more intuitive user interface of Apple devices can make it easier for non-technical people to navigate through the shopping and purchase process.

Let’s examine why the iPad produces so many more sales than the iPhone.  One obvious reason is that the large and densely pixeled screen allows for a deeper examination of products such as enhancing product photos.  Second, location matters, since most iPad purchases happen at home: there is something comfortable about the experience of swiping a screen while leaning back on a sofa or chair.  In fact, the touch screen’s tactile feel may be the closest thing that technology can offer to touching actual products in a store.  While the precise causes for the iPad’s shopping success are still being deciphered, the numbers make it clear that neither the PC nor the phone can compete.

In terms of what retailers are doing today, iPad innovation has just gotten started.  Many of the current iPad apps have a conventional e-commerce web-style design focused on search and category browsing.  For the largest retailers with catalogs of hundreds of thousands of items (think Amazon or eBay) this may make sense, but more specialized retailers are discovering creative ways to engage their customers while shopping [delete “while shopping” since obvious].  Some apps use 3D imagery that allow the user to rotate the product and view from any angle.  Others are integrating video clips of the product being worn or used by models.  There are iPad apps that allow users to photograph themselves and see an overlay of the product on top of their own image.  The camera can also help users with color and pattern matching: a user can photograph an item in their home and view matching items that are for sale.

A side benefit for retailers who offer shopping on iPad is the ability to learn detailed information about how consumers shop.  When users touches the screen to zoom in on a photo, they are leaving a record of precisely what aspect of the product they found most interesting (a handbag versus a shirt, for example).  This data can be used to provide immediate personalization of the shopping experience and can also be rolled up into historical ‘big data’ sets for backend business optimization of everything from pricing to inventory management to product selection.

What’s the takeaway for the retail industry if iPad users are converting into shoppers at three times the rate of other users?  By optimizing their iPad strategy, the largest retailers may soon see a jump in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

August Recap of Boston Mobile Party

momobos4In case you missed the event, Mobile Monday social media volunteer Janelle has a detailed write-up:

“Two Mondays ago, I attended Mobile Monday Boston’s Summer Party Event at the new District Hall in the Innovation District in South Boston… Located on Marina Park Drive, the heart of the Innovation District, District Hall 12,000sq/ft space that caters to the innovation community to network and exchange design ideas. Scheduled to open in the fall, District Hall will also include meeting hall space for larger conferences, ‘pods’- smaller spaces dedicated to classrooms and seminars that can also be used for technology labs and experimental retail & galleries. There will also be an open lounge for entrepreneurs to brainstorm and connect with others, as well as, a full restaurant & café counter.

I got there right at the so I could have ‘first dibs’ on the featured sponsors and hear about what each company did, a great way to ask different questions and take pictures for momobos, but also great way to network to see if any of their services or products would work with the company I work for. There were four great companies that I got to speak with, each with different types of services in the mobile industry.”

Read more on the Boston Wannabe blog.

You can also view the Bostinno video of the event and event organizer Kevin Wiant’s photos on Facebook.


August 5th Mobile Party at the New District Hall

Mobile Monday is joining with other local tech groups for an evening of summer networking. Come and get your first look at the sleek new District Hall building in the Innovation District which will officially open in September.

This event is all about getting the various Boston mobile communities together to celebrate successes, share experiences, debate ideas, and meet new people.  We will have a great view of the harbor, appetizers and a cash bar to fuel discussions.

Date: Monday, August 5, 2013

Location: The new District Hall in the Innovation District (previously called the Boston Innovation Center)

Address: 75 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA

If you’re looking for a taxi, Hailo the taxi app is now in Boston and you can download and get $10 off your first Hailo ride with promo code MOMOBOSTON.

Time: 6 to 9 PM

Cost: Free

Register here.

Participating networking organizations include:
App Demo & Drinks
Boston Android
Boston C# Developers’ Group
Boston Mobile App Developers – iOS and Android
Boston New Technology Meetup Group
Drinks on Tap
Google Development Group – GDG Boston
HTML5 Boston
Mass Technology Leadership Council
MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge
The Capital Network
Women in Wireless Boston



Thanks to our sponsors for generously covering the costs of this event.





Interested in getting involved? Contact us at

Big Data in an Increasingly Mobile World

Update: Watch the video recording of the event.

For such a small device, mobile sure produces a lot of data.  These large data sets can be used for a variety of applications such as advertising, content targeting, and recommendations just to name a few. The difficult part is how to store and manage that data and data signals as part of the decision logic. And remember not all data is good data, so understanding data signals is the key to being successful.

Come see some of Boston’s mobile data experts and get a glimpse into how they capture, manage, and leverage mobile data within their business.

Note:  There will be limited space at this technical Mobile Monday Labs event, registration is required.


Introduction and background:  Bob Hammond, Jumptap

Client Side data capture and transmission, data types and use:  Grant Stratemeyer, Celtra

Server Side data storage, cleansing, ETL, and data uses:  Adam Markey, Dataxu

Analytics, data storage and ETL, and presentation methods:  Henry Cipolla, Localytics


6pm – Doors open for networking

7pm – Begin formal event

8:15 till close – Networking


Jumptap is located in the Innovation District / Seaport.

MBTA: Walk from South Station (Red Line, Commuter Rail, Amtrak) or take the Silver Line.

Parking: There is some on-street parking.


Jumptap is generously hosting this event at their offices



With support from Winter Wyman

Tablet Commerce: Fad or future. The iPad and mobile retail e-commerce (June 10th)

Update:  Here are the presentations from Zmags (download), CustomMade (download), and RetailNet Group (on their website, registration required).  The video is posted here.  Also Zmags published a blog post here.

Over this past holiday season, IBM reports that the conversion rate for shoppers on iPads was 6.3% compared with 3.1% for mobile devices overall, while Comscore indicates that twice as much commerce happens on tablets versus phones.

The retail sector is moving forward quickly to build experiences for consumers who shop in a lean-back, interactive tablet experience.

At this event, we’ll learn how local Boston retailers are trendsetters in this emerging sector of mobile by telling us about their tablet strategies and tablet success stories.


Mike Putnam, VP Mobile, Rue La La

Jens Karstoft, CTO and Co-Founder, ZMags

Mike Salguero, CEO and Co-Founder, CustomMade

Mary Sullivan, Retail Analyst, RetailNet Group

This session will be led by Matt Gross, Founder of Mobile Monday Boston and Mobile First Software.

Register now.


Monday, June 10th, 2013


6pm – Doors open for networking

7pm – Begin formal event

8:15 till close – Networking


RueLaLa is located in the Innovation District / Seaport.

MBTA: 10 minute walk from South Station (Red Line, Commuter Rail, Amtrak). From South Station, walk south on Summer Street across the bridge. Take the first right onto Melcher Street. Turn right on A Street and walk several blocks. Turn left on Binford Street. Take first right onto Channel Street. The entrance is on your right.

Parking: There is some on-street parking.

In acknowledgement of Rue La La’s fifth year anniversary, we are hosting the event at their offices.


This event is jointly hosted with MITX.

Questions? Contact Mobile Monday Boston at

April 8th event on Mobile Healthcare

Mobile Healthcare

Boston has one of the leading healthcare communities in the world.  For the first time, Mobile Monday is bringing both communities together for a mobile healthcare event.

This event will include rapid fire demo’s by companies in the mobile healthcare space, including:

  • RxApps uses SMS and web apps to help patients track symptoms, adherence and lifestyle changes, allowing care providers to make better treatment decisions.
  • QMedic‘s wearable sensing platform passively monitors physical activity, sleep, and falls in the home, and sends real-time text and mobile alerts to caregivers to identify abnormal behaviors and signs of decline.
  • FeedHenry provides a cloud based Mobile Application Platform that simplifies development and will be presenting ZiPhyr app, a gene mapping analysis app from Courtagen Life Sciences Inc. for physicians reviewing and analyzing patient gene tests from their tablets.
  • Bon’App is setting the new standard for nutritional information by telling you what’s in your food in a language you understand: Calories, Sugar, Salt, Bad Fat!
  • Neumitra develops wearable, networked technologies to address the effects of stress on health, productivity, and happiness.

Register for the event here.


6pm – Doors open for networking

7pm  – Begin formal event

8:15 till close – Networking


Ned Devine’s is located downtown inside of the Fanueil Hall marketplace (toward the harbor-side on the east end of the building).  The event space is on the second floor.

MBTA:  Near Downtown Crossing (Red, Orange), Gov’t Center (Green), and State (Blue, Orange).  Not too far from North Station.

Parking:  There is parking at 75 State Street Garage located on Broad Street. It’s reported to be $12 PARKING after 5:00PM on weekdays with Faneuil Hall Marketplace merchant/store validation.  You can also try one of the coupons at Boston Central Parking at 47 Broad Street:

Questions or interested in sponsorship?  Contact Mobile Monday Boston at

Thanks to our sponsor MobiHealthNews for making this event possible.